10 Careers You Can Do With a Business Administration Degree

Are you interested in a business administration degree, but worry about the career possibilities once your education is complete? There is no need to fear; you will find that a business administration degree will prepare you for a variety of careers in many different fields. Let’s take a look at 10 great positions that you can qualify for with this degree. Remember these are just a few of the many careers opportunities that you may find with an education in business administration.

1. Office Administrator– Office administrators are an integral part of many companies. In a small company an office administrator might completely handle the day to day operations of a company. In larger organizations several office administrators may work in conjunction, each handling a specific task like space allocation or property procurement.

2. Management or Business Consulting– If you have a knack for business you may be able to work as a consultant. Consultants often work on a freelance basis or for several different companies as they solve problems and create solutions.

3. Public Relations– A career in public relations can be exciting. You will build and create public opinion and perception for people, products and companies. If you have an advanced degree like an MBA you may even be able to work in public relations management.

4. Information Systems Management– Technology is an important part of the business world. A degree in business administration will prepare you for a career in information systems management. Working in information systems will allow you to make important decisions regarding technology procurement, software and information security.

5. Hotel or Restaurant Management– If you love the service industry, you may enjoy working as a manager in a hotel or restaurant. This position will require you to manage many aspects of the hotel or restaurant including staff, product ordering and more.

6. School Administrator– School administrators handle the daily activities of schools. Many working in this field begin their careers as a teacher, but in some cases a degree in business administration may also qualify you for a position. Generally having an advanced degree, like an MBA, will qualify you for the best careers in this field.

7. Store or Retail Manager– If you love to shop, you might enjoy a career as a retail store manager. Store managers handle everything from hiring employees to daily operations.

8. City Manager– City managers help run a city. They are responsible for working with the city council and mayor as they handle city resources and deal with staffing situations.

9. Advertising– The advertising industry can be a lucrative career possibility for those with a knack for selling. This career field is very competitive making a business administration degree even more important. If you have an MBA or other advanced degree, you may be able to work in advertising management.

10. CEO– Did you know that many company CEOs have an MBA or other business administration degree? CEOs (or chief executive officers) are top level executives that establish company policies, ensure proper utilization of company resources and more. The competition for these positions can be stiff, but if you manage to land a job as a CEO, you will probably have excellent compensation, especially if you manage the company effectively and promote growth.

As you can see, a business administration degree is a great way to prepare for a variety of different careers. Which career will you choose?