5 Tips for Landing a Job in Audio Video Production

There are a lot of great careers in the audio video production industry, but there are also many qualified candidates which can mean a lot of competition for each available job. To help you gain an edge and beat out the other candidates we have created a list of helpful tips for landing a job in audio video production. Use these tips and start your search today and you may find a great new job tomorrow.

1. Choose a Focus – You want to work in video or music, but what exactly do you want to do? There are many jobs in audio video production and to be effective in your searching you will need to narrow your focus. Do a little research and familiarize yourself with the types of available positions. Would you rather work in music or film? Do you have any special skills? Are you an artist? Narrowing your focus will help you to find the opportunities that you are the most qualified for which will make you shine when compared with other applicants.

2. Be Willing to Relocate – Relocation is often necessary for those wanting work in this industry. There are jobs available, but many of the jobs are concentrated in a few select cities. If you aren’t willing to move, choose another industry.

3. Network – Many people land their jobs through connections that they make with others. If you want to work in audio video production you should work on meeting people already working in this field. An internship for a film or music company is a great way to start making connections while learning new skills.

4. Work Your Way Up – You don’t need to start at the top. Entry level positions will help you to learn valuable skills in a practical environment. All of the education in the world can’t compensate for real life experience and practice. If you want to work as a sound engineer, try to find a job as an assistant engineer. The connections you make the experience will help you in the future. Don’t try to land jobs that you aren’t qualified for. There will be many applicants for each position and someone will surely have the qualifications necessary if you don’t.

5. Glamorous Isn’t Always Best – In the world of audio and video production everyone wants to be in the spotlight. You will find a lot of competition for the top jobs like director and producer. These jobs can be very hard to land without a lot of experience, the right connections and luck. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t jobs available to those with the right qualifications. If you want to work in film or music consider a career as an artist or animator, film or video editor, computer generated imaging, sound engineering or management. These less glamorous positions often pay well and will help you to establish a reputation and build connections in case you ever decide to try for one of the highly coveted positions.

These five tips for getting a job in audio video production will help you to find your first job in this competitive industry. It might take time to land that first job, but if you love music or film, the wait will certainly be worth it.