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10 Careers You Can Do With a Business Administration Degree

Are you interested in a business administration degree, but worry about the career possibilities once your education is complete? There is no need to fear; you will find that a business administration degree will prepare you for a variety of careers in many different fields. Let’s take a look at 10 great positions that you [...]

Personal Branding, the Old-Fashioned Way

Depending on the field, there are specific requirements that need to be included when applying for a job. During my search for a public relations, marketing, social media or other service position, I’ve noticed that most employers require applicants to include their Twitter and blog information. I always include these on my hard copy resume, [...]

Alternative Careers

Are you trained for one career and have discovered that it either doesn't suit you, or even worse that job opportunities have fallen by the wayside as many industries are downsizing or permanently outsourcing their work? Don't despair. You may find that your skill set and training – or if you are just starting out, [...]

Health Care Careers – Going Where The Jobs Are

The bad is news is that the jobs that U.S. corporations (most of which are actually transnational now) have shipped to China, India and Mexico over the past thirty years are not coming back anytime soon. According to a recent National Public Radio report, it would take forty-eight consecutive months of adding 300,000 jobs every [...]

Career Advice: Building a Resume

It's the great "Catch-22" of life: if you want a job, get experience. If you need experience, get a job. How does one get around this? Obviously, it is possible; everyone has to start out somewhere. In fact, chances are that you do have experience in your chosen career field and don't even realize it. [...]

Top Careers For The Coming Decade

If you like to work with numbers and have a strong aptitude for mathematics, you're in luck; the fastest and most stable careers in the coming decade are those that require good math skills. In fact, the four careers that are projected to grow the fastest over the next decade are: Mathematics and science teacher [...]