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5 Tips for Landing a Job in Audio Video Production

There are a lot of great careers in the audio video production industry, but there are also many qualified candidates which can mean a lot of competition for each available job. To help you gain an edge and beat out the other candidates we have created a list of helpful tips for landing a job [...]

What Can You Do With An Operations Management Degree?

Operations management sounds interesting and important, but what does it really mean? Basically operations management involves overseeing day to day activities for a company. This can be anything from creating policies to handling staff to making budgets. Let’s look at a few of the career possibilities available to those with a degree in operations management. [...]

10 Top Tips for Surviving College

Make no mistake, going to college or university for the first time is sure to fill you with a whole bunch of different emotions. These will probably include a mixture of excitement, anticipation, nerves, fear or even downright terror! After all, going to college isn’t the same as school.You’ve officially ceased to be a child [...]

Top 10 Blogs and Websites for Nursing Students

Whether you are an online nursing student or studying in a classroom environment, these blogs and websites will inspire, entertain and educate as you work toward your goal of becoming a nurse. Each resource on this list is different, but they all share one common theme- nursing. 1. The Nursing Ethics Blog (http://nursingethicsblog.com/) This thought [...]

Top 8 Websites and Blogs for Culinary School Students

Every culinary school student is unique, but they all share a love of food and cooking. We’ve rounded up a list of some of the best blogs around for culinary school students. These blogs will teach you new tricks to use in the kitchen, offer up delightful recipes or offer you a real life insight [...]

How Non-Traditional Students Balance School, Family and Work

Returning to school to earn a degree can provide great rewards, but make sure you don't sacrifice other important aspects of your life along the way. Find out how to successfully balance your family, career, and schoolwork as a non-traditional student. Your life as a non-traditional student may be a little more complicated than that of students entering college directly out of high school. Depending on your personal situation you may be picking up the children after school, preparing for a seminar at work, and still have to figure out when you'll have time to finish up that paper for English Literature class. How does a non-traditional student manage to successfully balance the responsibilities of family and career while continuing her education? Just like a juggling act--it takes discipline and commitment. Read more...

10 Great Online Tools and Resources for College Students

The internet has changed the way that we learn. Whether you are taking online or classroom college courses, these resources can help. Check out a few today. Happy studying! 1. Grammar Girl - Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing (http://grammar.quickanddirtytips.com/) When do I need to use a comma? Should I use its or it’s in [...]

How Much Will it Cost to Go to College?

A college education represents a major investment of time and money - a powerful investment in your future. The basic costs every student faces can be broken into two categories: direct and indirect costs. Direct costs are comprised of your tuition, student fees and books. Indirect costs are made up of what you pay for [...]

Why Return to College Now?

No time like now to go back to college Why would someone consider returning to college as a non-traditional student? There are as many reasons as there were for leaving school in the first place. You may be one of those people who got tired of classes and convinced yourself that high school could provide [...]

How to Get an MIT Education for Peanuts

It takes time to learn all the skills needed to be a successful founder, but there are low-cost shortcuts available, including MIT's new online certificate program. ...Trying and failing at starter businesses is one way, so is going back to school for an expensive degree, but now there's another lower-cost option to learn useful stuff, [...]