Community-College Enrollments Slow After Years of Growth

After a decade of record growth, enrollment appears to be slowing down at many of the nation's community colleges. The final figures are not out yet, but California, Connecticut, and Michigan are all predicting statewide decreases in full-time enrollment compared with last fall, and other states' numbers are uncharacteristically flat. Read more...

Does Innovation Have a DNA? Education Applications…

I stumbled across this blog post today: Does Innovation Have a DNA? -- and I immediately started to connect this with the work that we do in education... In the post, the author explains that prominent and influential business innovators (Jeff Bezos form Amazon, Steve Jobs from Apple, Marc Benioff from all share a common [...]

Getting Strong Teacher Recommendations for College Admissions

I recently attended a presentation by several current and former college admissions officers on the use of teacher recommendations in the college admissions process. There wasn’t any startling information provided by the panel but there was some basic information provided in a format that may be helpful for those of you trying to get the [...]

Some Schools Help Forge Direct Path From B.A. to M.B.A.

According to Veritas Prep's annual survey of M.B.A. applicants, which the Calif.-based GMAT test prep and M.B.A. admissions consulting company plans to release the latest edition of on Sept. 26, the number of people who applied to M.B.A. programs in 2011 with fewer than three years of work experience declined since 2010. In 2010, 29.8 [...]

A Little Rusty?

On the first day of test prep, after we had tackled a mini-G.R.E., the instructor assured our class that though she was 30 years old, she was still up on the latest test-taking trends. Finally, I thought, a problem I could easily solve. Answer: the last math class I had taken was three years before [...]

4 Ways to Improve Your Chances of Getting In

Securing a seat at a top M.B.A. program isn't a slam-dunk for anybody, and it's rare that an applicant can't improve his or her candidacy in some way. If you're thinking of applying to business school in the next year or two, there are several steps you can take now that will pay off in [...]

Race as a Factor in College Admissions

Fifty years ago, Congress and federal regulators redefined how the nation would deal with blatant and latent racism. Two generations have passed. Today, more minority families have succeeded in careers once closed to them because of inequities in higher education. We are a better nation, but also a different nation, and therefore we need an [...]

For Mixed-Race Students, a Question of How Many Boxes to Check

Multiracial students confess to spending sleepless nights worrying about how best to answer the race question on college applications. Some say they wonder whether their answers will be perceived as gamesmanship or a reflection of reality. Read more...

Coaching and Much More for Chinese Students Looking to U.S.

In the United States, students have long turned to independent college counselors, but in recent years, larger outfits have entered the market, offering full-service designer courses, extracurricular activities and focused application assistance. These services have spread to the fast-growing and lucrative market in China. Read more...

State’s Top Universities Offer New Opportunity

To lawmakers — at least those who know about it — the addition tacked onto an omnibus public education accountability bill in the 2009 legislative session is known as the “Doogie Howser” or the “Let My People Go” amendment. It laid the groundwork for a new option for high school students eager to head to [...]