Personal Branding, the Old-Fashioned Way

Depending on the field, there are specific requirements that need to be included when applying for a job. During my search for a public relations, marketing, social media or other service position, I’ve noticed that most employers require applicants to include their Twitter and blog information. I always include these on my hard copy resume, [...]

7 Things to Know About the Nontraditional Student Application

Applying to college is not a one-size-fits-all-experience… and when you don’t fit the mold of the traditional 18-year-old college student, that’s a good thing. Whether you’re in your 20s or you’re approaching centenarian status, chances are that traditional college admissions policies and procedures don’t apply to you. Before you get started on your back-to-school journey, [...]

Use 6 Tips to Get Off College Wait Lists

The word on the street is that college wait lists are huge this year. But what does that mean? Are colleges rejecting more students, albeit more gently, by way of the wait list—or are we seeing the emergence of new enrollment strategies? Experience would suggest that is it much more the latter than the former. [...]

Colleges Bring Campuses to Facebook

Times have changed in college admissions. Gone are the days when a prospective student could be targeted, contacted, and recruited all with a single pamphlet in the mail. High schoolers can now learn a wealth of information about a university just by logging onto Facebook and peering into conversations taking place. Not to be outdone, [...]

5 Reasons to Consider Test-Optional Colleges

College entrance testing has long been the bane of existence for young people, as their ability to achieve a competitive score has held the key to college acceptance. Hit a good number—at or above the posted average for an institution—and you've got a good chance of getting in. Or so the perception goes. Fall short, [...]

50 Mistakes College Students Make

It’s alright to make some mistakes, as long as you learn from them. College is a time to adapt to your world and adapt your worldview to best serve you. However, there are mistakes that can be irreparable if you don’t watch your step. With that in mind, here is a list of 50 mistakes [...]

6 Kinds of Students Shouldn’t Apply to College Early

To all you high school seniors mentally kicking yourselves because you didn't apply early to college and now have to endure months of nail biting, here's some good news: Research suggests you could end up getting more financial aid than those who committed early to college. And 10 years from now, you could very well [...]

Law School Admission Trends

There's a lot going on at this time of year, and in today's post I'd like to give you a heads-up on a few different issues: Fewer LSAT Takers This Year The good news: 10 percent fewer people took the LSAT this October than last October according to the Most Strongly Supported blog. However, MSS [...]

2010 State of College Admissions

The National Association for College Admission Counseling just release the 2010 edition of the State of College Admissions. This annual report highlights what is happening in the world of admissions. Although everyone seems to dwell on the most selective colleges where admissions is incredibly difficult, the average acceptance rate for 4 year selective colleges last [...]

What I Wish I’d Known About Applying to College

Every successful college career begins with a successful application. But no matter how nice your handwriting or how profound your essays, the only benchmark for success in the college application game is whether or not you get in. Coulda talked about your community service instead of your school play? Woulda applied to a few more [...]