Early Action Could Aid in Admission, Report Finds

It is a question on the minds of so many high school seniors at this time of year: How can you raise your chances of getting into your No. 1 college choice? A report released Wednesday by an association of guidance counselors and admissions officers could be worth a look. It provides new evidence for [...]

36 Questions to Ask on a College Visit

One of the best ways to learn more about colleges is to visit their campuses. When you're on a college campus, my advice is to slow down and ask a lot of questions. Ideally, you'll want to talk with more than just the admission staff. Stop a few students during your stay and ask them [...]

Admissions Highs and Lows

The percentage of students accepted at many of the nation's top institutions hit new lows, while waiting lists reached new heights, says Barmak Nassirian, executive director of the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers. Mr. Nassirian points to the economic downturn as fueling uncertainty among colleges about how many accepted students would actually [...]

Why Colleges Are So ‘Selective’

Why is it so hard to get into college? Private institutions that were famous for admitting anyone who could pay are now "highly selective." Public universities whose mandate was to educate all high school students with a C average now wait-list transfer students with A-minuses. Why is the recession not affecting the college market, the [...]

Could YouTube Be the New Essay in College Applications?

The Flight of Jumbo stars a remote-controlled blue elephant helicopter created and flown by a high school student as an homage to Tufts University's school mascot. Whereas, GMU Song features a student singing an original song along with her ukulele about why she belongs at George Mason University. Then there's Math Dances, starring an energetic [...]

Pulling an All-Nighter for the College Application

Cree Bautista’s application for next year’s freshman class at New York University isn’t due until Jan. 1, but Cree, an incoming high school senior from Pflugerville, Tex., was not taking any chances. Just after 12:01 a.m. on Aug. 1 — when this year’s version of the Common Application, the passport to N.Y.U. and more than [...]

Getting Into Med School Without Hard Sciences

For generations of pre-med students, three things have been as certain as death and taxes: organic chemistry, physics and the Medical College Admission Test, known by its dread-inducing acronym, the MCAT. So it came as a total shock to Elizabeth Adler when she discovered, through a singer in her favorite a cappella group at Brown [...]

Ivy League schools recruit nontraditional students, too

When Teresa Tanzi thought about going to college in her 30s, she took some classes at a local university and looked around at some other programs aimed at older, nontraditional students. But she was unimpressed. ''They just didn't have big aspirations. The attitude was, 'Yeah, we're giving you a degree because we understand degrees are [...]

College vs. University

 As the seniors at Dunnellon High School begin counting down the days to graduate, nervous at the outcome of their decisions in high school and hoping they get to go to their dream school, an important question comes to mind; college or university? How about two years in college to then transfer? The official United [...]

For Students, a Waiting List Is Scant Hope

Ashley Koski, ranked third in the senior class at Thomas Dale High School in Chester, Va., has wanted to attend Duke University since she was 12. Late last month, she learned that Duke had neither accepted nor rejected her. It had offered her a spot on the waiting list — along with 3,382 other applicants. [...]