Campus Life

10 Universities With the Smallest Classes

Small classes aren't commonplace at national universities—schools that award degrees on every level and emphasize research. This tends to hold especially true for freshmen and sophomores, who oftentimes take introductory level courses—typically in mathematics, science, or social science—sitting next to 400 of their closest friends. Read more...

How NOT to Go 6 Years for a 4 Year Degree

I know--it's been awhile since I have bestowed my mystic knowledge of college survival tips 'round these parts, and I do apologize.  Been a little busy over here on my end, but I'm back now and ready to shower down my wisdom from the mountaintop yet again. So here it is....enjoy Stick With Your First Major [...]

A College Degree, 55 Years and an Era in the Making

As she prepares for her commencement at the University of North Texas here on Saturday, Burlyce Sherrell Logan can still hear the words the institution’s president spoke at her freshman welcoming ceremony. ‘There are some people here — you know who you are — that we don’t want here, but the state says can be [...]

Law School Chances: LSAT vs. GPA

How exactly do admissions officers weigh your LSAT score and GPA? Well, it's complicated. LSAC's website will help you calculate your chances at various law schools. It uses each law school's "admissions index" (a formula unique to each school weighing LSAT scores and GPAs). Read more...

Apathy causes students to study less

Despite increasing tuition rates, more students are attending college than ever before. But are students actually learning anything? Richard Arum and Josipa Roksa recently published “Academically Adrift: Limited Learning on College Campuses,” which exposes national issues of higher education and claims that undergraduates are slacking more than ever before. In today’s society, a college degree [...]

Private Student Loans vs. Paying Tuition with Credit Cards

One question that some students and parents have is whether to make up the difference between total cost of attendance and financial aid with a private student loan or a credit card. Generally, using a credit card to pay for your tuition is not advised. In fact, many colleges and universities actively discourage the use [...]

Students at Rutgers Occupy a Building

Demanding a tuition freeze, better wages for workers and a greater voice for students, about a dozen undergraduates at Rutgers University on Wednesday occupied Old Queens, the historic administration building in New Brunswick, N.J., where the president, Richard L. McCormick, has his office. The students, representing a number of campus organizations, said that Dr. McCormick [...]

Dropping Out to Start Up: Think Twice

A few months ago I attended a talk at Stanford. The room was packed with aspiring entrepreneurs — standing room only — and the atmosphere felt like the Dalai Lama of Silicon Valley was about to arrive. At 8pm, Peter Thiel, a Stanford Philosophy major and alum of the Stanford Law School, took the stage [...]

Social Media in the M.B.A. Classroom

It's important for today's business students to be schooled in Internet marketing and social media strategy. With 175 million registered users on the micro-blogging site Twitter, and Facebook reporting 500 million active members, tomorrow's M.B.A.s need to develop and manage marketing strategies that address the nuances of the online world. Read more...

Here, Tweeting Is a Class Requirement

Big consumer-products companies are going back to school. Businesses including Sprint Nextel Corp., Levi Strauss & Co. and Mattel Inc. are sponsoring college classes and graduate-level research to get help with their online marketing from the young and hyperconnected. Sprint, for example, supplies a class at Boston's Emerson College with smartphones and unlimited service in [...]