Campus Life

Stressed Out? Slack Off

Are slackers more adept at handling work-life stress than type-A go-getters? A new study finds that may be the case. Those who cope with work-family conflict by becoming busier and looking for more resources to solve problems – type-A multitaskers — actually experience more stress and strain, says the study in the Journal of Applied [...]

10 Colleges With the Most Older Students

There are a myriad of reasons that people opt to postpone their journey into higher education. Some students graduate and decide to take a "gap year" between high school and their freshman year of college to travel, study, volunteer, or seek their calling. Some stressed high school graduates use this time to rest and recharge [...]

Nation battles college racism, slurs

Recent racial conflicts at colleges in the United States are not as severe at the University, students said, but less blatant racism does occur. Two incidents recently occurred at the University of Alabama, according to campus newspaper The Crimson White. A member of the Delta Tau Delta fraternity used a racial slur to insult a [...]

Recruiting in China Pays Off for U.S. Colleges

The glossy color brochures, each crammed with photos depicting a Chinese student’s high-achieving life from birth to young adulthood, pile up in the admissions office at Grinnell College here. “Hi Professors!” one young woman announced in her bound booklet, sometimes known in China as a “brag sheet,” which included a photo of herself as a [...]

Charges Against Muslim Students Prompt Debate Over Free Speech

When administrators at the University of California, Irvine, decided to suspend the Muslim Student Union for a quarter over the disruption of a speech last year by the Israeli ambassador to the United States, most thought the latest controversy on campus had ended. District Attorney Tony Rackauckas of Orange County, however, disagreed — and filed [...]

6 Electives that will Impact any Professional Career

As you advance through your college career, course selection will make a critical impact on your education. Once you decide on a major, most of your courses will be preselected. However, you do have the choice on a few electives each year. Selecting the right electives will provide you with a well-rounded education. Having communication, [...]

Red Flags at a College, but Tied Hands

Sometimes surly, sometimes seemingly unhinged, he was unpredictable in a way that made fellow students in a community college class want to leave the room. He had changed since high school: the shy, seemingly normal boy had experimented with drugs and, increasingly, with conspiracy theories that made sense to no one but himself. “This guy [...]

Universities Are Challenged as Demographics Shift

In August, 60 years after the University of Texas admitted its first black student, the school welcomed the first freshman class in which white students were in the minority. White students, who accounted for 51 percent of U.T.’s freshman class in 2009, made up 48 percent in 2010. Black and Hispanic students represented about 5 [...]

50 Mistakes College Students Make

It’s alright to make some mistakes, as long as you learn from them. College is a time to adapt to your world and adapt your worldview to best serve you. However, there are mistakes that can be irreparable if you don’t watch your step. With that in mind, here is a list of 50 mistakes [...]

8 Steps for Learning Disabled Students Who Want to Go to College

Most of the 3 percent or so of teens who have been diagnosed with learning disabilities struggle so much in their high school classes that they give up on hopes of college, setting back their job and career prospects, according to statistics compiled by the National Center for Learning Disabilities. But there are new reasons [...]