Campus Life

Law School Admission Trends

There's a lot going on at this time of year, and in today's post I'd like to give you a heads-up on a few different issues: Fewer LSAT Takers This Year The good news: 10 percent fewer people took the LSAT this October than last October according to the Most Strongly Supported blog. However, MSS [...]

The China Boom

IN her ballroom dance class, Li Wanrong has learned to tango and cha-cha. At lunch one day, she tried a strange mix of flavors — pepperoni pizza, the spicy sausage and oozing cheese nearly burning her tongue. Then there was that Friday night before going clubbing for the first time when new friends gave her [...]

Tomorrow’s College

Jennifer Black isn't a fan of technology. Until college, she didn't know much about online classes. If the stereotypical online student is a career-minded adult working full time, she's the opposite—a dorm-dwelling, ballet-dancing, sorority-joining 20-year-old who throws herself into campus life here at the University of Central Florida. Yet in the past year, the junior [...]

In a Digital Age, Students Still Cling to Paper Textbooks

They text their friends all day long. At night, they do research for their term papers on laptops and commune with their parents on Skype. But as they walk the paths of Hamilton College, a poster-perfect liberal arts school in this upstate village, students are still hauling around bulky, old-fashioned textbooks — and loving it. [...]

Put It in Writing

It happened again. Despite my best efforts at prevention, stress has become a relapsing symptom. Atlantic-10 Conference play started, midterm exams are next week and the job search is in full gear. Now, more than ever, sleeping seems like a waste of precious time. Every second is an opportunity to practice a case interview, read [...]

5 Super Useful Websites for the College Years

Have you ever been pinned by a relative, interrogated about your major, and then been slammed with the ever-dreaded question, “What are you going to do with that?” Or maybe you’ve wished you could rant (or rave!) about the social scene on your campus so the future freshmen know what they’re in for? Me too. That’s [...]

Hack Your Note-Taking System

Every august for the past ten years I have marched into Wal-Mart to buy new school supplies, in most cases bring along my mother and some very archaic ideas of what to buy. My list would include a single-subject spiral notebook for each class (the cheap ones), a 10-pack of pens, a binder, and a [...]

Universities Withstand Dubai’s Financial Crisis

When Dubai opened the world’s most opulent hotel nearly two years ago, developers behind the $1.5-billion project threw what was billed as the most expensive private party ever. Members of the emirate’s royal family mingled with A-list Hollywood celebrities to watch the largest-ever fireworks display, signaling to a world reeling from the collapse of Lehman [...]

Rooftop garden at NJIT student center encourages students to eat organic

NJIT is one of several New Jersey colleges and universities experimenting with growing their own organic food. Kean University in Union Township and Fairleigh Dickinson University in Florham Park recently started similar organic gardens. Seton Hall University and Bergen Community College are talking about joining the trend within the next year. All of the schools [...]

Finding the Best Prices on College Textbooks

Textbook prices continue to skyrocket; 14 percent in the past year alone. Today's average college student is forced to spend more than $1,000 per year on textbooks. Our friends at CampusGrotto used to run a great annual list of the best places to find cheap textbooks. Since they have stopped running this list we figured [...]