Evaluating Schools

5 Great College Towns for Winter Enthusiasts

Prospective college students who have begun the search for their future home may take many factors into account: academic prestige, retention rates, and tuition, to name a few. Life outside of the classroom is an important aspect of the college experience, too, and many students desire a university with a vibrant winter atmosphere—and a lot [...]

I Don’t Know What to do With the Rest of My Life

This is a question that I hear all the time. And you know what? Very few high school students really know what they want to do when they grow up. When I was growing up computers were something we had heard about but had never seen. My first experience with a computer was in high [...]

Can Antioch College Return From the Dead Again?

The long corridors of Antioch Hall are dark. The fluorescent lights, perhaps 50 years old and never updated, do not work. The vinyl floor tiles are loose. There are cobwebs and puddles on the floor, and the whole place smells of mold. You have to squint, almost, to picture this four-story brick building as the [...]

Maximize Medical School Visits

Understandably, many medical school applicants worry about their prospects for admission. Premeds typically apply to a strategically selected swathe of schools chosen for their location, numbers, and at times, reputation. However, a very important—and sometimes overlooked—facet of the application process is researching and finding the school that is the best fit for you, which is [...]

Pay for Only 4 Years of College. Guaranteed.

Some private colleges are beginning to offer a four-year degree guarantee: if an incoming student should require an extra year to graduate, the school will pay for it. But read the fine print. The new student, along with a parent and the college president, could sign a special agreement that is emerging at some colleges [...]

Important Information on Upcoming Best Colleges Rankings

It's now less than one month before the new rankings are being released on usnews.com. Here is some important information that relates to this highly anticipated launch, set for September 13: School photos: Over the past 10 months, more than 700 colleges and universities have added photos of their schools to their online directory homepages [...]

Transferring Between U.S. Medical Schools

Many medical school applicants breathe a sigh of relief when they receive that coveted acceptance letter and then settle into their new school. For a select few, however, a few things change along the way, and a little-known option might emerge: transferring. How do you transfer between medical schools? Unlike undergraduate institutions, it is very [...]

10 Least Expensive Private Business Schools

Aside from getting tuition reimbursement assistance from an employer or a scholarship, attending a private business school will be a costly endeavor no matter where a student may choose to enroll. Students paid an average of $31,833 in tuition and required fees during the 2010-11 academic year at the 10 least expensive private business schools [...]

A Newcomer Makes Good in the Credentials Market

LONDON — Rows of sweating, fidgety college-bound students sit waiting to collect their diplomas, half listening to the platitudes offered by principals and head teachers while their parents sigh with a mixture of pride and relief. It’s high school graduation season. A century ago a high school diploma was both a certificate of academic prowess [...]

10 Universities With the Smallest Classes

Small classes aren't commonplace at national universities—schools that award degrees on every level and emphasize research. This tends to hold especially true for freshmen and sophomores, who oftentimes take introductory level courses—typically in mathematics, science, or social science—sitting next to 400 of their closest friends. Read more...