Evaluating Schools

Colleges Bring Campuses to Facebook

Times have changed in college admissions. Gone are the days when a prospective student could be targeted, contacted, and recruited all with a single pamphlet in the mail. High schoolers can now learn a wealth of information about a university just by logging onto Facebook and peering into conversations taking place. Not to be outdone, [...]

8 Steps for Learning Disabled Students Who Want to Go to College

Most of the 3 percent or so of teens who have been diagnosed with learning disabilities struggle so much in their high school classes that they give up on hopes of college, setting back their job and career prospects, according to statistics compiled by the National Center for Learning Disabilities. But there are new reasons [...]

Does It Matter Where You Go to College?

Will you have a better life if you graduate from an elite school? Students and their parents think the answer is yes, and competition for slots at top-ranked (and costly) schools seems higher than ever. Having a big name college on your resume can impress employers, friends and the opposite sex. The Times columnist Gail [...]

100 Best Values in Public Colleges 2009-10

We updated and ranked this list of the top 100 colleges for 2009-10. Sort the overall rankings for both in-state students and out-of-state students, cost, quality measures or financial aid measures (how we scored the schools). Then select All States or any number of individual states (hold down the control key as you click to choose more than one), [...]

There’s More Than One Way to Apply to College

AS if college hopefuls didn’t have enough decisions to make, here’s one more: which application to use. Advances in digital technology have created competition for the Common Application, the pioneer of the one-app-fits-all concept, and so the ways to apply to college have multiplied in the last few years. There’s the upstart Universal College Application, similar in [...]

A Gap Year for College Graduates

Taking a “gap year”—typically a year off between high school and college—has long been common in other countries and is becoming more so in the United States as well. However, there is another type of gap year, and it is becoming more common among recent college graduates. In my interactions with students, many express an [...]

The New Ivies

Once upon a time, Ivy League schools rested comfortably on their laurels, knowing their prestige gave them elite status among the world’s finest colleges. 30,000 student votes later, it’s clear that times are changing and the benchmarks for evaluating academic excellence and intellectual setting have shifted as well. With that in mind, we’re proud to [...]

What I Wish I’d Known About Applying to College

Every successful college career begins with a successful application. But no matter how nice your handwriting or how profound your essays, the only benchmark for success in the college application game is whether or not you get in. Coulda talked about your community service instead of your school play? Woulda applied to a few more [...]

Early Action Could Aid in Admission, Report Finds

It is a question on the minds of so many high school seniors at this time of year: How can you raise your chances of getting into your No. 1 college choice? A report released Wednesday by an association of guidance counselors and admissions officers could be worth a look. It provides new evidence for [...]

36 Questions to Ask on a College Visit

One of the best ways to learn more about colleges is to visit their campuses. When you're on a college campus, my advice is to slow down and ask a lot of questions. Ideally, you'll want to talk with more than just the admission staff. Stop a few students during your stay and ask them [...]