Evaluating Schools

Where Should College Rankings Rank in Choosing a College?

Everybody in Hollywood understands that reviews are a matter of opinion and that efforts to get people to watch your movie or show will often include activities that have nothing to do with making the show better. As a result, armies of publicists seek to get stars on the covers of magazines and included in [...]

World’s Best Universities: International Students and International Faculty

How is the degree to which a school has become a more international institution evaluated? International reputation is an undeniable component of today's world-class universities. How better to evaluate that than to assess to what degree international students and international faculty are attracted to a given institution? The factors used to measure this quality for [...]

Sizing Up Colleges: Big vs. Small

As you begin your search for that perfect college, one of the first key decisions you need to make—and one that will help narrow your list—is size of the school. Luckily, American colleges offer an endless menu of options, from tiny colleges with less than 1,000 students to large state universities with more than 35,000 students. [...]

More of the Best and Brightest Heading to Community College

Kira Cassels applied to 11 colleges and got in to every one. The kitchen of her Laurel home came to resemble a high school guidance office, the breakfast table buried beneath brochures and financial aid forms from destinations such as the University of Virginia and Franklin & Marshall College. Over two arduous weeks last spring, [...]

The Job Guarantee

A small college in Michigan has taken the remarkable step of guaranteeing that its students will get jobs if they finish school. And not just any jobs, good jobs. According to a piece by Daniel de Vise at the Washington Post: Albion College… may be the first institution of its sort to guarantee students “meaningful [...]

Best Colleges 2011

This year, Harvard University regained sole possession of the top spot in U.S.News & World Report's Best Colleges 2011 rankings of national universities. Last year, Harvard and Princeton University tied for first, but Princeton fell to second in the 2011 rankings of these large, research-oriented institutions. Williams College can once again boast that it's the [...]

Fewer Out-of-State College Students

State colleges and universities, battered by declining endowments and state funding cutbacks, are facing a new and potentially far more troubling financial challenge. Out-of-state students, who pay a huge tuition premium to attend, are doing something no one ever thought they would: They're staying home. Hammered by the recession, they're opting in larger numbers to [...]

To Pick a College, Look in the Mirror

Where should you go to college? you have nearly 1,500 colleges and universities to choose among—and that counts just the accredited four-year institutions. The list gets longer still (much longer) if you include community colleges and other accredited institutions that offer two-year associate's degrees. How do you choose when the choice seems to matter so [...]

What Do ‘Best College’ Rankings Tell Us? Anything?

U.S. News & World Report has released its annual rankings of U.S. colleges and universities. Topping the lists of national universities — "large, research-oriented universities" — and liberal arts colleges — "a category of schools that place a higher emphasis on undergraduate education": Harvard University and Williams College, respectively. U.S. News says that, "though the [...]

Community Colleges: A Nurturing Environment for the Nontraditional Student

The massive, concrete block building looms frigidly over a flat expanse of green lawn. It’s a far cry from the red-tiled roofs and ivy-covered walls of University of Colorado Boulder. There are no breathtaking views of the nearby Flat Irons here. Instead, wedged between commuter traffic on Santa Fe Avenue and quaint, old-town Littleton, rests [...]