Paying for College

Five Factors to Consider before Opting for a Master’s Degree

As soon as students complete their undergraduate degree, you are left with a vital question ‘What to do next?’ It is your choice whether to continue your studies and get a master's or get some real world experience. Even if you select further education, another set of questions appear before you. Whether your reason is [...]

How Much Will it Cost to Go to College?

A college education represents a major investment of time and money - a powerful investment in your future. The basic costs every student faces can be broken into two categories: direct and indirect costs. Direct costs are comprised of your tuition, student fees and books. Indirect costs are made up of what you pay for [...]

Deadline for Colleges to Sign New Agreement on Military Tuition Assistance Is Extended

Bowing to pressure from members of Congress and colleges, the Defense Department has agreed to postpone its January 1 deadline for institutions to sign a controversial new memorandum of understanding in order to remain eligible to receive military tuition assistance. Read more...

University Challenge

Anger about the cost of college extends from the preppiest of parents to the grungiest of Occupiers. Mr Obama is trying to channel the anger, to avoid being sideswiped by it. The White House invitation complained that costs have trebled in the past three decades. Arne Duncan, the secretary of education, has urged universities to [...]

How to Kick Off Your Student Loan Repayments

For students who take out loans to finance their education, the built-in grace period most loans carry can serve as early relief on the path to repayment. For six months after graduation, loan holders can search for jobs and launch the next chapters of their lives without immediately thinking about their looming financial burdens. Read [...]

College Students’ Borrowing Hits An All-Time High

Students are borrowing more money to pay for college than ever before. New data show that students who graduated in 2010 carried 5 percent more debt than in the previous year. And education debt is expect to grow in the coming years, as students struggle to pay higher tuition costs. Last week, we learned that [...]

College costs climb, yet again

Although more Americans are getting help from scholarships and tax breaks, the net cost of college is eating up a higher share of the typical family's income in 2011, according to a report released Wednesday. The sticker price of studying and living on campus at the average public university rose 5.4% for in-state students, or [...]

How to Go to Medical School for Free

Peter Bach, of the Memorial Sloan—Kettering Cancer Center, and Robert Kocher, of the Brookings Institution, argue that medical school should be free. In a May 2011 New York Times op-ed, the two doctors said M.D. programs could be free if they suspended stipends for students in specialty training programs. Since a specialist can earn $325,000 [...]

Start Your Own Business in College

Texas Tech University junior Daniel Vitiello is pulling in more than $25,000 per month off other people's pain in the tech. Vitiello, a self-described "household handyman," founded an iPhone repair business in July 2010 after a friend dropped her device and begged him to fix it. He checked local shops' prices and charged less, advertising [...]

College: more than vocational school?

The "value" of a college education has recently become a hotly debated topic. Respected thinkers such as Will Richard are openly asking whether they will encourage their own children to attend college. Given the cost of higher ed and uncertainty of job acquisition, one should be doing a cost/benefit analysis, I suppose. Can the tens [...]