Online School Helps Grown-Ups Finish College

There are an estimated 37 million Americans who have some college credit but no degree — and Western Governors University is trying to change that. The nonprofit online school is challenging many traditional concepts about […]

Instead of Work, Younger Women Head to School

Workers are dropping out of the labor force in droves, and they are mostly women. In fact, many are young women. But they are not dropping out forever; instead, these young women seem […]

5 Great College Towns for Winter Enthusiasts

Prospective college students who have begun the search for their future home may take many factors into account: academic prestige, retention rates, and tuition, to name a few. Life outside of the […]

Deadline for Colleges to Sign New Agreement on Military Tuition Assistance Is Extended

Bowing to pressure from members of Congress and colleges, the Defense Department has agreed to postpone its January 1 deadline for institutions to sign a controversial new memorandum of understanding in order to remain eligible […]

How to Get an MIT Education for Peanuts

It takes time to learn all the skills needed to be a successful founder, but there are low-cost shortcuts available, including MIT’s new online certificate program.

…Trying and failing at starter businesses is one way, so […]

Community Colleges Struggle to Train Workers With Limited Funds

Business leaders depend on community colleges to offer work-force training, but high unemployment and state budget cuts have made it harder for the sector to do that work. That’s the message of a […]

What Is College For?

Most American college students are wrapping up yet another semester this week. For many of them, and their families, the past months or years in school have likely involved considerable time, commitment, […]

University Challenge

Anger about the cost of college extends from the preppiest of parents to the grungiest of Occupiers. Mr Obama is trying to channel the anger, to avoid being sideswiped by it. The White […]