Fashion Marketing

The fashion industry is a vibrant, fast-moving and exciting world in which to work. Fashion marketing involves not only understanding the industry itself, but having the knowledge and instinct to put marketing strategies into place that will bring designs and products to the attention of consumers. A degree in fashion marketing covers both the necessary broad spectrum of the fashion world’s artistic and design market, along with an in-depth grounding in business studies and marketing trends. If you yearn to work in the marketing and advertising side of this fast moving industry, then a degree in fashion marketing is just what you need to provide you with the ideal grounding and give you the edge over your competitors.

What’s it all about?
With its every changing trends, the world of fashion is constantly in need of new marketing strategies and campaigns. A degree in fashion marketing is primarily design led, and your creativity will be nurtured and encouraged to develop – allowing you to understand your own strengths and learn to build on them. You’ll study fashion design of course, but above and beyond this you’ll be taught the skills of promoting, advertising and the different aspects of bringing products to the attention of your target market. Creative thinking is highly encouraged, along with learning how to take these ideas and put them into strategic and workable marketing structures using the wide amount of media and other advertising mediums available to you.

What will I learn?
Fashion marketing requires you to have a strong knowledge of how the industry works from both a design and marketing point of view. Understanding fluctuating trends and concept generation through to knowledge of product development and production is vital, and this will form the basis of your education. Once you have the necessary grounding, you’ll be encouraged to grow your creative skills, building on what you’ve learnt and developing your own unique style.

  • You’ll learn how to read how past fluctuating trends has a direct influence on fashion forecasting.
  • Graphics, illustration and design skills.
  • Photographic styling and pictorial advertising designs.
  • In-depth education on all the main sectors of the fashion industry; womenswear, menswear, lingerie, performance wear and accessories, along with other aspects such as home ware.
  • Business acumen and marketing skills will be covered in detail – including all aspects of marketing and market research.
  • Studying consumer behavior and what issues affect contemporary design,
  • How to convert your knowledge into strategic marketing campaigns, and how to use the relevant advertising mediums to the greatest effect.

How will I learn?
While theory is necessary in order to learn the ins and outs of the industry, a lot of your learning will be practically based. As well as attending lectures and seminars, you’re likely to be assigned various projects on which you’ll be critiqued for their effectiveness, as well as providing critiques for other students work. You’ll also be encouraged to study the various different aspects of the industry, thereby giving you an insight into different career paths that will be available to you after qualifying.

After gaining my degree, what options are open to me for employment?
Once you graduate there’s a whole host of career paths you might like to consider. During your study you’ll gain a valuable insight into many of these, meaning you’ll be one step ahead of those who’ve not taken this first important stage. Employment options include, but are certainly not restricted to, the following possibilities; Public relations, fashion buying, product development, styling, promotion and visual merchandising, to name but a few.

Because of the strong draw to the world of fashion, any career in the industry is highly sought after. After all, who wouldn’t like to be involved on a daily basis with the glamor and celebrities we see adorning the pages of newspapers and glossy magazines? This is why it’s essential to give yourself every chance possible of success, and gaining a degree in fashion marketing is the primary way of ensuring this. Not only will a degree mean that you’ll be seen in a favorable light through the eyes of potential employers, but you’ll also be able to take advantage of the in-depth knowledge gained onto specific areas of the industry whilst studying, learning your own strengths and working on your weaknesses. This will put you in the ideal position after graduation of knowing the path you wish to take for maximum career satisfaction.