Do you take films seriously? Not only do you enjoy watching them, but the whole process that goes into creating all types of on-screen visual images exerts a fascinating pull? Then a degree in film and video might just be the step you need to take to open the doors necessary to work in this fascinating industry. Covering in-depth exploration and discovery of all aspects of film work – from the history up to the most cutting-edge technologies used by today’s producers and creators. A degree in film and video also offers opportunities to get an insight into various related aspects of the industry such as film journalism, exhibitions and film distribution.

What’s it all about?
For the film buff there’s probably nothing better than learning everything to do with the industry you love. A degree in film and video will use a mixture of both theory and practical study to unlock the secrets of movie creation. Moving image media is a very powerful medium, and your course will cover the development of the industry from its inception right through to the current day. Not only will you learn the techniques by which film is created, but also delve into the aspects of screenplay and digital editing, along with the short film documentaries and developing your own film projects. The aim of a film and video degree is to provide you with a firm grounding in all aspects of the industry, leaving you in a position to choose exactly which career path you wish to follow.

What will I learn?
A degree in film and video encompasses the industry as a whole. To gain the very best experience in all aspects of movies it’s necessary to understand where the film industry first came from. By discovering the massive advances in technology seen over the past decades, your education will be created from ground level upwards, meaning that your creative and technological abilities will be built upon a firm knowledge base that gives you the necessary expertise to create a fully rounded, industry specific skillset.

  • History of the movie industry.
  • Film and movie analysis, and critical approaches to understanding the completed on-screen product.
  • The technology behind movie and video creation – including the most cutting edge discoveries used in today’s forward thinking industry.
  • Narrative and short film documentary creation.
  • High definition cinematography and digital editing.
  • Creative encouragement to express yourself through use of moving image media.
  • Development of your own film projects, along with the creation of your own movie and video portfolio.

How will I learn?
Your film and video degree course will be delivered through a combination of tutorials, lectures and seminars. You should also expect to get some hands on experience in film and movie creation methods, including producing work that will make up a portfolio of your experience and creative expertise. Other mediums, such as movie theater visits, talks from industry professionals and screenings might also play a large part. Examinations and assessments will take place via traditional essays, longer projects and practical work experience.

After gaining my degree, what options are open to me for employment?
Once you’ve gained your degree in film and video there are many career paths ahead of you. Perhaps you might like to explore the possibilities of experimental film production, video editing, directing or scriptwriting. Other possible options could be commercial video, advertising or even fiction production or direction. Whatever way your preferences lean, a degree is the ideal way to show prospective employers that you stand out from the crowd.

Of course, the front line of movies, TV and video includes the glamorous world of premieres, exotic film locations, Oscars and Grammies. But behind the scene is a whole army of people who, while not instantly recognizable as they walk down the street, provide vital cogs in the world of movies and TV program creation. By gaining the necessary education at the grass roots of the industry, you’ll not only be seen as a person who wants to become a serious player in this exciting world, but you’ll gain an insight into all the options this fascinating world offers. From then you’ll be able to make an informed decision as to which path within the industry you wish to take.

Because this is such a popular industry, it’s no surprise that there’s a whole host of different film and video degree courses offered throughout North America. Narrowing these down to a handful that seem to offer what is right for you can be a time-consuming and painstaking challenge. That’s why we at have done the difficult part for you, listing at length the film and video degree options that are available throughout the nation. So why not take a look at our film and video listings right now. After all, your own future is held firmly in your hands, and the sooner you take that first step, the sooner you could be working in your dream job.