Business Administration

For anyone who wants to give their business career a powerful head start then studying for a business administration degree is an ideal direction to take. No matter what area you choose to work in, learning the key skills and strategies that are vital to those every day crucial decisions are what it’s all about – just ask any successful business person. And the great thing about a degree in this subject is that you not only learn all about the complexities of business, but you’ll be able to direct your learning along the paths that suit your needs. So whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or hoping to work your way up the corporate ladder, a degree in business administration really is where it all starts.

What’s it all about?
A degree in business administration is all about developing the skills you need to succeed in the ultra-competitive world of business. Whilst you’ll follow some compulsory study modules, you’ll also be able to select other areas which you want to study in more depth. But the aim of your degree will be to educate and nurture the all-important talents of problem solving, research, team building and leadership, along with other key attributes that will give you the edge over others in the industry. The course will also concentrate on developing your vocational proficiency and analytical dexterity – both of which are essential for all successful business people. On graduation you’ll have gained a fully rounded education into the world of business, leaving you with a host of potential career opportunities.

What will I learn?
Of course, each college or university will differ slightly in their presentation of a business administration degree. However, you can expect your course to include the following, with various module courses in certain instances:

  • Business complexities and key analytical skills such as presentation and information searching.
  • Human resources management.
  • Finance and accounting.
  • Marketing and advertising.
  • Problem solving, team building, research and leadership.
  • Organizational behavior and managing people at work.
  • Economic environment of business.
  • Quantitative management analysis.
  • Academic and professional skills development.

How will I learn?
Business administration degrees by necessity involve both theoretical and practical learning. Expect your college to make the most of various educational techniques, such as tutorials, seminars, case studies, projects and course work. A lot of your learning will also be self-led, and you’ll be expected to research and carry out various presentations, exactly as you would do in the business world. As teamwork is such an important part of business administration you can expect to work very closely with other members of your degree course. Modules are likely to be assessed both during your coursework and with various examinations along the way.

After gaining my degree, what options are open to me for employment?
After gaining your business administration degree the whole business and corporate world is open before you. This includes not just in North America, but business opportunities all over the world. You can choose to enter either the public or private sector, or perhaps you even have an ambition to become self-employed. That’s the great thing about a degree in this subject – it sets you up for a career in virtually anything you wish to turn your hand to, and gives you the necessary skills to be successful.

One thing that all prospective graduates need to be aware of is how competitive both the world of business is, and the difficulty of securing the most sought after jobs. That’s why gaining a degree is virtually a necessity in order to stand out above the competition. It’s a sad fact that in today’s hard-fought job market, potential candidates without a degree won’t even pass the first hurdle. With so many people fighting for each and every position, employers are in the position to pick and choose exactly who they want to employ. So you owe it to yourself to gain the very best chance to appear a better option than all the others. And a degree in business administration is one of the best ways in which to do this.