Business Management

If your aspirations are to move into the upper levels of business then a degree in business management is virtually a necessity for your career. Whether you’re thinking of working in either the public or private sector – or maybe you haven’t even thought that far ahead yet – getting a solid grounding in the business skills needed to move into management level and beyond is the first rung on the ladder to your success. A degree will equip you with analytical skills that are crucial to make you an effective business person; a person who’ll be able to explore the various management and techniques that are vital if you’re to develop a superior performance that will see you become a vital cog in the wheel of hard business.

What’s it all about?
A degree in business management is all about developing and nurturing your analytical skills. In business it’s all about being effectively able to manage quantifiable information and turning this knowledge into competent and efficient business practice. You’ll also learn about logistics and manufacturing systems, and how to design and manage various business services. Not only that, but your education will teach you how to account for various aspects and influences such as human error, ethical considerations, financial and technological aspects. It’s likely that the core modules in business degree management will determine the initial parts of your degree, but that you’ll also be given various options in which to specialize as your course progresses.

What will I learn?
As mentioned, various components of a business management degree might be down to personal choice. However the core elements that you’ll study are likely to include the following:

  • Corporate strategy and management development programs.
  • Principles of marketing, financial planning and control.
  • Quantitative and statistical analysis.
  • Micro and macroeconomics.
  • Organizations, the markets and the economy.
  • People management and organizational behavior.
  • Strategy and risk.
  • International business.
  • Emerging technologies.

How will I learn?
Business management degrees typically combine both theoretical and practical learning. You’ll attend lectures, seminars and tutorials, along with being expected to undertake various aspects of self-led learning. You’ll also learn by practical exercises such as case studies, exercises and simulations in order to gain a deeper understanding of the techniques used in the real world of business management. By necessity you’ll be encouraged to develop your teamwork skills, along with leadership skills. Expect to work in a variety of roles, both as a part of a team as well as in a leading role, to provide you with a fully rounded education of how business management works at all levels.

After gaining my degree, what options are open to me for employment?
On graduation you’ll be extremely well placed to follow a career in either the public or private business sector. The skills you’ll have developed during your business management degree will be highly sought after by potential employers, including organizational skills, planning and control. All areas of business become a possible career choice – many of which command good or even exceptional salaries. Even graduate entry level salaries for those with a business management degree are often higher than those who’ve graduated with other degrees.

However, even with that in mind, no-one’s going to pretend that we don’t live in turbulent economic times. Today’s employment market is fragile – and ever-changing. So if you aspire to develop a career in business then you owe it to yourself to ensure that you have the very best chance possible of securing the employment you want. And a degree in business management is one of most positive ways in which to do this. Today’s market is an employer’s dream – and many people fight to secure every position. So by gaining a degree in business management you’ve already shown that you have the commitment and knowledge that will make you a far more viable choice than a non-degree holder. And with salaries and jobs becoming ever more sought after, it’s essential that you give yourself every chance possible.

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