Event Management

Event management is all about being the driving force that makes all the components of a special day or days come together. Weddings, concerts, press conferences, exhibitions, social functions, corporate award ceremonies – the list is endless. And to create a polished and successful event is all about the planning and management behind it. Taking a degree in event management is about equipping you with those vital skills to make it happen. So, if you have meticulous attention to detail, great organization skills, a vision to see what the end result will be and the tenacity and drive to put all the necessary components together, then a career in event management could well be ideal for you. And the very best step up the ladder is to enroll onto an event management program.

What’s it all about?
Okay, no-one is going to say that the end product of event management is not a glamorous affair. That’s one of the perks of the job – because of course you’ll need to be on hand to oversee any last minute tweaks that might need dealing with. But that’s the finished product, and one that doesn’t come about without a great deal of preparation and planning. An event management course is all about equipping you with those vital skills, ensuring that you know the industry from the grass roots level upwards. You’ll learn the key components of organizing all types of events – from the planning stage, who and what services are needed to create your vision, along with the various academic and practical aspects that are necessary to ensure that whatever happens, “the show must go on.”

What will I learn?
Event management training will be presented in the individual manner of each particular institution. However, you can expect all courses to cover the same basic syllabus, including:

Conceptualizing, event planning, design and sourcing
Economics of events and tourism
Public relations
Events and luxury brands
Customer relations
Gastronomy, food and menu planning
Business and management
Financial, economic and event marketing
Media technology and advertising skills

How will I learn?
A degree in event management will be delivered using a mixture of both theoretical and practical work. You’ll develop a thorough understanding of the business side of the industry – such as marketing, human resource management and finance. Practical experience will be gained alongside, with various exercises and even work experience programs working at real live events. Depending on the event management course you decide on, a foreign language course might also be part of your learning, as might national or international placements to further enhance your knowledge. Expect to get plenty of input from tutors and guest tutors who’re extremely experienced in the industry. You’ll also get plenty of chances to use your own unique vision in planning various events – from the simple right through to the most complex of creations.

After gaining my degree, what options are open to me for employment?
A degree in event management will see you well set to take your place in what is a rapidly growing industry. Even in today’s tough financial times this is one area that is going from strength to strength. You might like to move into the field of corporate hospitality, or perhaps work for an events company, exhibition center or at one of the growing amount of annual music festivals that take place around the globe. Whatever direction you want to take after your degree, you can be sure that you’re entering an exciting world that offers a great amount of job satisfaction.

Of course, we know that the sheer amount of event management programs and degree courses offered make pinning down your ideal course quite a challenge in the first place. So that’s why Colleges and Universities have taken that first step for you. We’ve created an online database covering event management degree programs throughout North America, and put in place an easy to use advanced search system. You can browse courses, narrowing them down to degree level, subject and/or location – meaning that the first step towards that glamorous event management job is just that little bit easier. So don’t delay – because places on the best courses fill up fast. Head over to our search page right now, and you’ll be that one important step closer to looking out over a crowd of happy event goers with the satisfaction of knowing you were instrumental in making the whole thing happen.