International Business

The world of international business is both fascinating and fast-paced, not to mention that, if you get it right, offers the opportunity to earn a good or even an extremely substantial salary. From the shop floor to the corporate boardroom, having a sound knowledge of management and business practice within an international context is becoming a virtual necessity. And that’s where an international business degree can help you develop your skills and strategies. As global trading becomes the norm for even the smallest of businesses, every company has need of staff who understand and can provide valuable input towards the company’s short and long term business plans. Gaining a degree in international business is a valuable and powerful way of ensuring that many career paths become available to you, no matter which field of business you might like to specialize.

What’s it all about?
The heady world of international business requires those in this industry to have a keen and innovative business mind. Not only will you study business on a global scale, but expect to learn vital entrepreneurial skills that will equip you with the aptitude to spot opportunities, along with the ability to nurture them to fruition. This critical learning will see you well-placed to not only work within the corporate international business world, but also small businesses or even self-employment should you wish to take that route. One thing about undertaking a degree in international business is the sheer dynamics and content of the program. You’ll learn the crucial management and leadership skills necessary, along with how to apply these to global trade. International business degree programs can never be described as boring – that’s for certain.

What will I learn?
Of course, every institution presents its international business degree in a slightly different format. But you can expect your education to include the following:

  • International business strategy
  • Global marketing
  • Corporate and small business development
  • Entrepreneurial ship
  • Management and leadership
  • Globalization
  • Organizational structure
  • Management and leading strategic change
  • International marketing and finance

How will I learn?
International business degree programs utilize a combination of both practical and theoretical learning. Depending on the module, expect your course tutors to present your education using both individual and group presentations, academic papers, project work, case studies and reports, portfolios, on-going assessments and, of course, regular examinations. You’ll also be encouraged to learn by means of self-study, and projects and presentations you give are likely to be assessed and critiqued by both your tutors and fellow students. Of course, you too will get the chance to do the same for other students work as well, with both parties gaining advantage from this kind of exercise.

After gaining my degree, what options are open to me for employment?
Once graduating with an international business degree you’ll find the world of employment opportunities opening up before you. If you wish to go down the corporate route there are many choices, including management positions in both finance and marketing. Of course, you might have aspirations of running your own small (or perhaps not so small), business, in which case the life of an entrepreneur will be very much advantaged by your international business degree.

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