Marketing is a fascinating subject, and for those with the right mindset can prove an exciting and potentially lucrative career. In the 21st century we’re all bombarded by marketing in every aspect – from full on billboard and TV advertising campaigns right down to the subtle marketing strategies and social media tactics. Marketing is a fluid and ever-changing subject, and those who successfully work in this business understand how to adapt systematically to ensure that they fully engage with their target audience. Taking a marketing degree will teach you the most up to date themes used in the world of marketing, along with the necessary skills to adapt to all different types of customer bases.

What’s it all about?
Marketing degree programs not only teach you the proficiency of marketing itself, but work at showing you exactly why certain marketing strategies are so successful. Because of this you can expect to learn a little about consumer behavior, psychology and typical human reactions to various stimuli. Of course, a large amount of your marketing degree will be defining the different strategies available to you, but it’s only through understanding exactly why these work that your own unique creativity will begin to shine through. Add in a healthy dose of financial training, entrepreneurship, management skills and business decision making and you can begin to appreciate what a fascination area of study a degree in marketing offers.

What will I learn?
It makes sense that every business marketing degree is presented in a slightly different manner, but you can expect your course to cover the following:

  • The function of marketing and its role in business making decisions
  • Different target markets and the various types of advertising
  • Consumer behavior and human psychology
  • Market research
  • International marketing
  • Human resources, entrepreneurship, management and finance
  • Recognizing emerging customer requirements
  • Marketing during times of growth and times of crisis

How will I learn?
Your marketing degree education will take the form of both theoretical and practical study. Once you have learned the basic theory behind various marketing strategies you can expect plenty of project and practical work. You’re highly likely to work both in teams and on an individual basis, along with a large amount of self-led learning. This is intended to allow you to discover your own talents and bring your strengths and creativity to the fore. Expect the first year or two of your course to be quite theory based, with coursework and various end of year tests. As your marketing degree progresses then the amount of practical work will increase, and you might be allowed to specialize in various aspects of marketing. This allows you to personalize your degree course to an extent, getting you ready to move on into the world of business after qualification.

After gaining my degree, what options are open to me for employment?
There’s not a business on the planet that doesn’t have to consider its marketing options. This means that virtually the whole world of employment options becomes open to you. Some of the more regular routes are to work in the areas of the media, advertising and market research. Large corporations have whole departments dedicated to the area of marketing, whilst others outsource to specific marketing and advertising agencies. The world of freelance is also an option, as there are many talented individuals who work in this manner. Whichever path you choose to follow, you can be sure of an exciting and varied career choice which, for those who are successful, can command an exceedingly good salary.

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