Music Business

If music is your passion then you probably can’t envisage life without it. So if you can earn your living doing something that you love, then this really would be a dream come true to a great many people. No matter whether you see yourself headlining major gigs, song writing for yourself or other artists, or perhaps working in one of the many essential tasks that takes place away from the spotlight, a music business degree will provide you with many of the necessary attributes that will help you become a success in this highly competitive industry. Gone are the days when talent alone will see you through, because today’s musician needs more than his ability to see him (or her) succeed. A music business degree will help you get to grips with the many other aspects necessary to truly see making a living from your passion become a reality.

What’s it all about?
When you get down to the pure basics of the industry, a large proportion of musicians are self-employed. This means that should you hope to earn your income in this tough world that you need to equip yourself with every advantage possible. A music business degree is the ideal way to learn the necessary business acumen that’s critical to understand if you wish to enhance your chance of working in the industry you love. From licensing and publishing through to marketing and digital distribution, the music industry is a dynamic and ever-evolving playing field. Music business programs are all about honing your business acumen in a way particular to the industry, as well as encouraging and nurturing your creative abilities.

What will I learn?
By the very nature of the subject, you can expect to learn a wide variety of skills depending on the actual type of music business degree you choose. But whatever the type you can expect the basis of your course to cover the following:

  • Discovery and understanding of past and present music models, including that of the digital music business models
  • Marketing, licensing and publishing
  • Digital music distribution and regular distribution
  • Leaderships skills and teamwork
  • Music production
  • Music theory, technique and interpretation
  • Contract law and copyright
  • Music promotion and development

How will I learn?
Music business degrees lend themselves to be extremely practically orientated. Of course, there will be a various amount of theoretical work, along with projects and assignments that will see you exploring the cutting edge of the music industry. As technology evolves so does the music business, and you’ll be taught the latest strategies necessary to successfully negotiate the music business maze. Another important part of your education will be equipping you with the ability to seek out the next evolvement of the industry. Depending on the type of music business degree you take, you can also expect your course to include a placement in a music business scenario.

After gaining my degree, what options are open to me for employment?
After gaining your music business degree there are many different paths you can take. Of course, you might want to follow the artist path – playing gigs and perhaps searching for that elusive recording contract. You might choose to move into music production or recording, or perhaps artist representation, management or publishing and promotion. Whichever route you decide to take, a music business degree is the ideal entrance into this exciting, cut-throat and fast-paced industry.