Office Administration

Every single business in the world has need of office administrators. In fact, the larger a business becomes, the more vital it is to have skilled individuals making sure that everything runs smoothly on a day to day basis. Even though technology is advancing on a daily basis, the need for this talented human intervention is absolutely vital for any organization’s success. Those who show the necessary attributes to be able to provide top class office administration can literally work in any field imaginable. So if you’ve a methodical approach to life, pay attention to detail and pride yourself in being a vital cog in a larger machine, then taking an office administration degree really could be the first step in what can prove a lucrative and personally satisfying career.

What’s it all about?
A degree in office administration can cover many aspects. Perhaps you might like to follow one of the generalized office administration courses that prepares you for a career in virtually any field of business. Alternatively you can look to complete a more specialized degree – such as one in medical office administration or other more exclusive training. Whichever type of office administration degree you choose to follow, you’ll be studying the essential skills necessary to be able to effectively work in a clerical role. Of course, you can also expect to be educated in the most technologically advanced systems to aid you in this work, giving you a broad and varied understanding of every aspect of office administration and office assistance.

What will I learn?
Every college or university has its individual manner of presenting their syllabus. However, you can expect your office administration degree to cover the following:

  • The law as applicable specifically to business practices
  • Principles of business and administration
  • Business IT systems
  • Accounting
  • Keyboard and word processing skills
  • Microsoft software skills including Excel and PowerPoint
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership and supervisory skills
  • Creation and management of database systems
  • Communication

How will I learn?
Office administration courses utilize a combination of both theoretical and practical learning. Expect your degree course to consist of various educational opportunities such as lectures, seminars, projects, coursework and self-led learning. You’ll be marked both on your coursework and with end of term or year examinations, along with your abilities on producing various projects and assignments. In many cases, an office administration degree will also consist of one or more work placements in a business environment. Placements such as these prove to be extremely beneficial, as they give you real life working opportunities and a chance to discover office and businesses before you head out on your working career.

After gaining my degree, what options are open to me for employment?
Once qualified you have an almost unlimited potential of employment opportunities. From the smallest of businesses right through to the largest corporations, good office administrators are worth their weight in gold and can command good salaries. If you choose an office administration degree that leans towards a particular field of work, such as the medical or the legal trade, then you’re highly likely to choose to find employment in this area. Positions such as general office administration are a good way to learn the business, and you can think of moving onto jobs with more responsibility and higher salaries, such as personal assistant positions, for example.