Distance Education

Lifestyles have changed tremendously over the past few decades, and the explosion in those undertaking distance learning has increased tenfold.   Distance learning has benefitted from the popularity and advancement of the internet, and it’s now possible to undertake exactly the same training via distance learning as it is by attending a physical college or university.   And the need for teachers and support staff in this rapidly expanding field offers a unique 21st century opportunity for those with distance learning teacher education. A distance education master’s degree will prepare you to work in many different fields of this multi-faceted industry.

What is distance learning teacher education all about?
The main difference about distance learning teacher education and that of a regular teacher, classroom assistant or educational administration worker is that of technology and communication.   Understandably you’re likely to have little or no face to face contact with your pupils, so all communication will be done virtually.   However, with the never-ending advances in technology this doesn’t present anywhere near as much of a challenge as it once might have.   As well as all the regular educational and administration skills, you can expect how to fully utilize the power of technology and the internet to produce varied, substantial and effective programs to the students under your tutorial care.

What will I learn on a distance learning teacher education course?
It makes sense that every college or university will have its own methods of delivering a distance education degree program, but wherever you study you can expect all to cover the following:

  • In-depth discovery of the internet, computer technology and the various different communication mediums available.
  • Structure of distance learning educational learning – as well as lesson planning, course discussions and the difference that part time and full time learning has on these aspects.
  • Pupil development – both for traditional and non-traditional students
  • Technology and real life integration
  • Regular lesson development as well as the differences that occur when providing education via a virtual medium.

What methods will a distance learning teacher education course use to teach me?
Taking a distance education degree program will naturally mean that you spend a great deal of time understanding and utilizing the very latest in technology.   You can expect to be taught using a combination of theoretical and practical methods, as well as course work, projects, long term assessments as well as the more regular ways such as end of term or year examinations.   You might also get to spend some time out on placements or work experience discovering both the regular world of teaching as well as that that takes place online.

After gaining my distance learning teacher education qualification, what options are open to me for employment?
As our world becomes more and more reliant on technology, so do the employment opportunities for those holding a distance education master’s degree.   More and more bricks and mortar education establishments are expanding to offer online courses.   As this continues to grow then the employment opportunities to those qualified also become more numerous.   But as well as the regular school and college jobs, there are also those within large corporations as the tooy take advantage of distance learning to provide training to their staff.