Education Administration

Working in education administration is a dynamic and ever-changing industry. Continuing research, new challenges and changes that face education and training mean that those who work on the administration side need to be organized, forward thinking and able to quickly grasp and put new ideas into practice. For anyone who wants to work at the cutting edge of education, but perhaps not in a teaching role, an education administration degree could prove the ideal gateway to playing a pivotal role in the education of our country’s future work force.

What are education administration degree courses all about?
There are many ways of making a difference in education outside of the classroom. Many different roles exist for those with a good grasp on education administration, and a degree is the first step along the road to this worthwhile career. Those who work in one of the many facets of educational administration are, if you like, the unseen workforce who ensure that every intake of students get the very best experience and opportunities possible. And an education administration degree course will help you prepare for a career that can be varied, diverse and possible one of the most interesting administration jobs available today. Not only will you learn key management and implementation skills, but also search, evaluation and improvement options that will have you thinking forward, “outside the box” and taking responsibility for implementing strategic changes to further enhance successful systems.

What will I learn on an education administration degree course?
Whilst every college and university has its own individual manner of presenting its syllabus, you can expect all education administration courses to cover the following:

  • Communication skills and public relations
  • Administration and personnel supervision
  • The theory of administrative leadership
  • Financial management
  • Curriculum development and planning
  • Research as applied to educational topics
  • Multi-cultural topics
  • Ethics
  • Public policy and the law

What methods will an education administration degree course use to teach me?
An education administration degree course will make full use of every type of teaching method. This includes both theoretical and practical training, hands-on experience, work placements, project work, ongoing assessment, group training, self-led learning and group and individual critiquing to name but a few. The whole idea of your education is to provide you with everything you need to enter the workforce after qualification, and be able to offer your future employers the very highest amount of value possible.

After gaining my education administration qualification, what options are open to me for employment?
There are many career paths available once you’ve gained and education administration degree. Many graduates serve as leaders in government organizations and/or on school boards. Other possible positions include business managers, curriculum coordinators, administrators at post-secondary schools, community education directors and school system superintendents – to name but a few.