Educational Technology

Computers and technology are a crucial part of our 21st century lifestyle, and the education system is no exception to this. Taking a degree in educational technology will gain you a qualification to work in a rapidly growing area of education. Integrating computers with education is a pivotal part of today’s training methods used in every learning institution throughout the country. Addressing the integration of this into traditional teaching methods has become a crucial area of education. Those who possess an aptitude for all things technical can find that obtaining an educational technology degree will see them entering into a highly valued and demand driven field that’s increasing on virtually a daily basis.

What are educational technology degree courses all about?
Educational technology is all about learning and understanding current teaching methods, and integrating computers and technology within this.  You’ll need to have a logical and inquiring mind, and a strong leaning towards learning more about advancing technology.  Research and new information comes to light every month, and those who work in this industry need to grow and adapt along with it.  One thing’s for sure, working in educational technology is certainly not a staid subject.  It’s dynamic and every changing, meaning that those who work in this fascinating field can expect to have a varied and interesting career path.

What will I learn on an educational technology degree course?
Every college and university has their own way of presenting their curriculum.  But all educational technology degrees are likely to include the following:

  • Technology and programming skills
  • Discovery and further learning of the current, technology based educational products and tools used today
  • Further research into technology and design
  • Current teaching and learning processes and practices
  • Leadership and communication skills
  • Different teaching methods, and methods used to teach different age ranges and abilities

What methods will an educational technology degree course use to teach me?It goes without saying that you can expect a great deal of  your educational technology degree to be spent discovering more about technology.  This will be done using a combination of both practical and theoretical methods.  You’re also likely to have an opportunity for a work based placement, allowing you to gain experience of educational technology in a real life environment.  As well as ongoing assessments throughout your education, you’ll need to work on various projects, lesson planning, assessments and group based learning.  You can also expect traditional examinations throughout your degree course to assess your progress.

After gaining my educational technology qualification, what options are open to me for employment?
There are many different career paths available once qualified.  These include working directly in the field of educational technology in various establishments such as schools, colleges and universities.  However, other opportunities exist within the corporate sector, in distance learning and even within state run areas such as the police, armed forces, hospitals and the fire service.  One thing’s for sure, taking a degree in educational technology won’t have you worrying that there might be a shortage of employment opportunities after graduation, as this is one of the fastest growing employment areas in the whole of the education field.