General Education

A general education degree course offers the ideal opportunity for people who’re keen to broaden their knowledge in a whole variety of subjects. Perhaps you’re not yet quite sure what path you want your career to follow, in which case general education studies can set you up for a plethora of study and employment opportunities. After completing a general education degree many people find they’re then in the ideal position to specialize somewhat, and continue onto a higher degree level in the subject of their choice. This could include anything – including teacher training, or perhaps something completely different. One thing’s for sure, if you’re in two minds about quite which degree option to follow, general education studies are an excellent choice.

What are general education degree courses all about?
Taking a general education degree is all about gaining a solid grounding in a cross-section of subjects. Very often, such a degree course will allow you to pick and choose the subjects you’d like to study, as well as having a defined line that your degree course will follow. Social sciences, humanities and natural sciences are all likely subjects that many choose from. If signing up for a two year general education degree this can be an excellent way in which to allow yourself to choose how you’d like to progress. Whichever path your learning takes after gaining a general education degree, you can rest assured that you’ll have gained a strong basic education that can see you moving forward along many different paths.

What will I learn on a general education degree course?
Every college and university has its own way of delivering a general education degree course. Because students can often choose some of their own modules and subjects, you might like to consider the following:

  • History
  • Psychology
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Public Speaking
  • Psychology
  • Computer science

What methods will a general education degree course use to teach me?
The subjects you choose to study on a general education degree course will determine the level of practical and theoretical learning you’ll need to undertake. But whatever path you follow, you can expect to learn via project work, lectures, seminars, essays and examinations, dissertations, self-led learning and both group and individual critiquing. Depending on your subject courses you might also be able to take advantage of some work experience placements in various locations, including educational institutions.

After gaining my general education qualification, what options are open to me for employment?
Very often students move onto further study after completing a general education degree. This might be the route for you, or if not you can rest assured that you have a good degree qualification that will stand you well for various different types of employment. Many people move onto a more structured educational degree after qualification, and others might change track altogether, having discovered exactly what it is that they’d like to study.