Higher Education

Working as a higher education teacher is often a natural progression for those who’re already working in the teaching industry. Becoming a higher education teacher isn’t necessarily about being qualified to teach students on four year degree courses, as there are many different levels of higher education. You might also wish to move into higher education administration, as opposed to being on the frontline in the classroom. The important thing to know is that there are courses suitable for those wishing to teach in every subject and level of higher education. So if you enjoy imparting knowledge and helping others on their quest to improve their own prospects, then enrolling on a higher education course could be the right move for you.

What is higher education teacher training all about?
If you’re looking to become a higher education teacher then you’ll be likely to already hold some kind of teaching qualification. If not, then perhaps you’re right at the beginning of your teaching career path, but already know that teaching higher education is your end target. Whichever it is, you can expect higher education courses to differ in many subtle ways to other teaching courses. Because teaching higher education means you’ll be dealing solely with adults, then the teaching techniques used are by necessity slightly different. For those who’re looking to move into higher education administration – either in conjunction with teaching or on its own – you can expect to learn the various nuances that make up this aspect of higher education.

What will I learn on a higher education teacher training course?
Every educational institution has its own way of delivering the course content. However, the following are examples of what you might learn on a higher education teacher training course:

  • Course structure and planning
  • Psychology behind adult students and the difference between the way children and adults learn
  • Communication skills
  • Examination and assessment structure and content
  • Higher education administration

What methods will a higher education teacher training course use to teach me?
A higher education course will utilize many different methods of training to deliver your course content. This will include a combination of theoretical and practical learning. Expect to attend lectures, seminars and tutorials, as well as having to complete various projects, essays and dissertations. You’re also likely to need to pass various end of module/term/year examinations at certain points of your higher education teacher training course.

After gaining my higher education teacher training qualification, what options are open to me for employment?
The usual pathway for those who’ve undertaken higher education teacher training is to seek employment in a college or university. However, there are also other options available, such as administration positions, not only in educational institutions, but also in areas such as examination boards. Other options include working for online arms of various schools, or even training departments within large businesses or corporations.