Medical Assistant

Earning a medical assistant degree is a great way to take part in the health and wellness of others.  Not only does medical assistant certification provide you with a stable income and stable job security, but medical assistant degrees don’t involve years of schooling.

Our database of colleges and universities shows you how easy obtaining a medical assistant degree can be. Many of our schools offer class flexibility, including online and night courses. With so many options, many people find that obtaining a medical assisting degree is a simple and rewarding process.

What can you do with medical assistant degrees?
A medical assistant is a person who assists a doctor, a physician’s assistant, or a nurse practitioner. Those with a medical assistant degree have a great deal of patient interaction. They take vitals, take histories, draw blood, administer injections, prep patients, and assist doctors during procedures. A medical assistant degree can also lead you to an administrative role. You may be asked to answer phones, check patients in and out, call insurance companies and pharmacies, prepare exam rooms, or speak to patients about test results.

How long does it take to get a medical assistant certificate?
The time it takes to get a medical assistant certificate varies by school, program, and how quickly you move your class load. Typically, it takes about a year to receive a medical assistant certificate and two year to receive an associates degree in medical assisting. Again, medical assistant certification varies by school and program. Browse our online database to find a medical assisting degree that fits your time frame.

A medical assistant certification will open the door to a world of job opportunities. It is a great way to get involved in the field of medicine without spending thousands of dollars and several years in school. A medical assistant certification is also exciting, rewarding, and a perfect way to harness your passion for helping others.