Top 10 Healthcare Occupations

As per a study conducted by All Health Care and with the help of figures of in-demand occupations offered by, a collaboration between the US Department of Labor and the Department of Education, these are the top 10 healthcare and related industry occupations that are slated to see substantial growth by 2016. The right skills and education needed to attain these jobs can be earned through online as well as traditional college systems.

#1. Registered Nurse – With a projected growth rate of 23 percent, an estimated 1 million registered nurses are to be hired by the US healthcare sector by 2016. A prominent career and multiple job opportunities awaits a registered nurse and this makes it one of the most pursued jobs in the country. Walden University and Capella University offer online nursing courses for interested students.

#2. Home Health Aide – The scope of growth for a home health aide may never see a slump as the demand for their services continues to rise, with 1,171,000 vacancies expected by 2016. With a 27 percent margin, new job openings are in the pipeline, with excellent remuneration packages.

#3. Medical Assistant – With an estimated growth rate of 27 percent, medical assistants will most likely have 1, 48,000 new jobs to vie for by 2016. The average salary of a medical assistant is relatively higher than clerical desk job professionals. Moreover, employers predict a substantial increase in vacancies from 417,000 to 565,000 by 2016. Online schools like Fortis College and Jones College offer accredited medical assistant certifications and degrees.

#4. Pharmacy Technician – In the health care sector, the growth rate of pharmacy technician vacancies wins over that of lab technicians by 27 percent, and offers employment to 285,000 people. Vacancies are projected to go beyond 3, 76,000 by 2016. Virginia College Online offers pharmacy tech degrees that are widely-accepted and accredited.

#5. Medical Secretary – The employment rate for medical secretaries is expected to grow by 9-17 percent with current job vacancies of 98,000. It is one of the few health care jobs that have been in demand over the last few years, and is expected to expand in the coming years with 13,000 new job openings by 2016.

#6. Dental Assistant – Dentists make up about two-thirds of the entire health care fraternity in the US and the expected demand for dental assistants is projected to rise by 82,000 new jobs by 2016.  With a targeted growth rate of 27 percent, the current job opening for dentists is estimated at 2, 80,000. Fortis College provides an online dental assistant certification.

#7. Healthcare Administrator – The demand for a health care administrator is at its peak, with a targeted job growth of 9-17 percent. Being an integral part of the health care structure, there is an expected opening for 43,000 new jobs. You can opt for online healthcare administration degrees from colleges like Colorado Technical University and American InterContinental University.

#8. Medical Records and Health Information Technician – A steep rise in current job openings for Medical officers and technicians is expected to produce 30,000 new jobs by 2016. Moreover, with a progressive growth of 18-26 percent, there is plenty of demand for them in the US healthcare sectors. Both Walden University and Fortis College offer courses in Health IT.

#9. Physical Therapist – The growth rate for Physical Therapists is expected to go beyond 27 percent by 2016. Therapists, in general earn higher as they hold different jobs than practicing physicians within a specialized field. Other than Walden and Capella Universities, Boston University and the Grand Canyon University also offer online courses in physical therapy.

#10. EMT and Paramedic – At an estimated projected growth of 18-26 percent, job openings for EMT and Paramedics will continue to rise above 2, 40,000 by 2016, as per the study.

Along with online courses, there are plenty of campus schools that offer full-time healthcare education programs for those hoping to get degrees in any of these healthcare fields of study.

The healthcare industry is one of the few sectors that is still hiring and offering highly paid jobs to qualified individuals, even in the face of an economic downturn. With a projected growth rate of approximately 22 percent by 2018, now is the time to consciously work at gaining the education that can help you bag a job in the healthcare industry.


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