Top 3 Online Degrees for Introverts

Are you painfully shy around people? Or are you just one of the many people who prefer to stand apart from the herd and work at their own pace? In this fast-paced world, it is generally seen that those who do not confidently speak up are painfully ignored. Marketing and sales drive the American job industry today, and you may wonder where an introvert like you fits in into the grand scheme of things. Here are a few online degrees that are perfect for shy people and which offer you a chance to earn degrees that translate into good job options.

Degree #1 Accounting

By its very nature, a degree in accounting is perfect for those who would rather not deal with too many people. This online degree and subsequent jobs that you apply for will be focused on numbers instead. If number-crunching is your thing, an online bachelor’s degree in accounting can offer you a chance to achieve your career goals without stepping too far out of your comfort zone. General accounting courses involve business law, auditing, accounting information systems and similar studies. You can pursue a career as an accountant or as an auditor with a degree like this under your belt. Your shy nature is not much of an issue because dealing with people is not a focus point in this stream.

Degree #2 Computer Technician

Introverts will find that themselves in plenty of good company when it comes to an online degree in computer tech. Most organizations value efficient online communication in the form of IMs or emails because they save plenty of time and energy. An online degree in Information Technology is perfect for those who want to stay in front of computers rather than people while studying as well as working. With an online degree in IT, you can look forward to working in job profiles like computer technicians, computer systems analysts and more.

Degree #3 Paralegal/Law Clerk

The world of law has been immortalized on television with criminal lawyers shrewdly arguing cases for the lives of their defendants and corporate lawyers bringing big conglomerates to book. However, this is just the most visible aspect of a law career. There is a lot of behind the scenes work that goes on in any law firm. Law clerks and paralegals form a very integral part of any law firm. These are the people who manage case histories, derive all the important information from cases and in general, do all the legwork that makes a law firm reputed and professional. Law schools have now come online with valuable paralegal and law clerk courses like Juris Doctor Programs that are aimed at students who want to become legal professionals and paralegals instead of frontline practicing lawyers.

Other online degrees that are perfect for introverts and shy people are degrees in Health Information Technology, Graphic Design and Economics. For people who would rather use their credentials to network as against using their winning personality, these online degrees open up a whole new world of viable options.

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