Top 5 Courses/ Degrees to Avoid in 2014

Good quality education can lead you to the path of a satisfying career and a settled future. The question, however, is whether all education degrees hold the same importance in the job market. If you are to believe the landmark 2012 study “Hard Times, College Majors, Unemployment and Earnings: Not All College Degrees are Created Equal” by the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce, the answer is no – all degrees are not created equal. While some educational degrees might impress the people around you, they will not serve to impress employers. Let’s have a look at the top 5 unmarketable degrees for 2014.

# 1 Degree to Avoid – Architecture

Architecture, may sound like a lucrative career option, but it has plenty of downsides as well. The Hard Times study concluded that architecture need not necessarily be an employer friendly degree. The career path for architects is design oriented, and they might not make a smooth transition to fit into other work areas. Based on “Hard Times”, about 13.9 percent of the graduates in Architecture are unemployed, owing to the gradual decline of the construction industry. If you want to be a part of the construction industry, a degree in business administration will be a better option.

# 2 Degree to Avoid – Philosophy/ Religious studies

Voted by “Hard Times” as an unmarketable degree, a career in Philosophy stands with a 10.8 percent unemployment rate. It definitely would not bring you anywhere closer to a corporate office, and the vacancies are almost zero for such degree holders. Though a degree in Philosophy would be interesting, it does not help you to build a career. If at all, you want to pursue it, opt for a degree in education so you can proceed to teach the subject you like.

# 3 Degree to Avoid – Anthropology/ Archaeology

A degree in Anthropology or Archaeology doesn’t look like a good choice for those looking to move up their career ladder. According to the study, such a degree is best suited for those wanting to become research assistants or enter a teaching faculty. They do not have many job openings for such graduates in both public and private sectors. “Hard Times” has quoted a 10.5 percent unemployment rate among such degree holders.

# 4 Degree to Avoid – Civilization Studies

Most employers would not be too keen on hiring professionals with ethnic or civilization study degrees, unless you intend to teach the subject. Unless accompanied with a study in humanities and geography, such a degree is better avoided in the current work scenario. With a 10.1 percent unemployment rate, “Hard Times” agrees that this is one of the most unmarketable degrees today. If studying and understanding people and cultures is your thing, you might be better off with a Psychology major because you stand to get a better job with such a degree under your belt.

# 5 Degree to Avoid – Information Systems

Information Systems is yet another not so popular degree that does not find many employers. It is a degree that is related to the IT industry, but is diluted with the addition of several other courses. They are not specific ones like the computer science degree and finds fewer job openings. The job opportunities for these graduates are dwindling with an 11.7 percent, as quoted by “Hard Times”.

These unpopular degrees are definitely the ones to avoid in 2014 as their aid in securing a job is very limited. So, rethink your choices and pursue a degree that is marketable and is in demand by employers across the globe.


Author Bio

Stephanie Colaco is a freelance writer, editor and former HR professional. An Honors college graduate, she spends her free time helping students/professionals achieve their academic goals by publishing articles and creating blog posts that answer their many questions on educational websites. Connect with her on Google+.