Have you ever wondered if your qualifications are the reason you didn’t make it to the last round of the interview? Do you want to study a certified course? Are you looking for an opportunity to move up the corporate ladder by boosting your resume? Well, if you nod yes, it might be time to swap traditional learning methods with a (VLE) virtual learning environment! The current emergence of technology, has opened up a whole new dimension for educational sectors .Today, we have at our disposal a number of e-learning technologies that make learning fun and informative. So, forget the traditional classrooms and get ready to learn while you earn. Here, we have a list of e-learning trends that are making quite a buzz among students and work professionals.

  • Spice up your learning with podcasts!

Missed a class? No sweat! Podcasts are what you need to bridge the learning barrier. With a steady Internet connection, an audio device, and a laptop, you are all set to learn. It works like a distance education program but with many additional benefits. Many of the educational podcasts give you access to videos, web sessions and live interactive chats with your educators. It is an intensive one-to-one learning experience and can be done at your own pace.

  • Get hooked on to cloud based learning technologies

Those looking for some innovative online learning and training tools, should definitely make use of the cloud supported applications. You will be a part of a larger learning community, which thrives on the information and interactive tools available on private and public cloud computing devices.  Larger organisations use cloud applications to train and empower employees, and also to communicate with their target audience.

  • Follow up with social media platforms

There are numerous social networking sites that offer a huge source of education-related information. Learn to foster communication with a fellow blogger, get invited for social meet-ups, and activate your Twitter and LinkedIn profiles to get those latest educational updates and references. Other than these, you also have blogs and sites like “Myspace” to help you with learning. So why wait? Get connected and enrich your learning experience!

  • Try going the MOOC way!

Looking for some free e-learning course, welcome to MOOC, Massive Open Online Courses. It is just the right avenue for you, if you are looking to earn an online degree from a reputable college. Choose from the massive selection of courses that are made available to you from certified institutions for free. These online universities help working professionals to become better equipped to land better jobs. Before taking up a full-time course in a traditional college, you could also sign for a MOOC and decide whether or not it is really worth your time to take up the course full-time.

  • Learning through your smartphone!

If you are tired of carrying heavy books around, try loading your smartphone! It is the most desirable e-learning device that technology has gifted to mankind. There are plenty of educational apps that can be downloaded and used for free or at a nominal charge. Most of these smartphones come with gaming devices that makes learning a lot of fun and is best suited for teenagers. It is a marvelous bit of technology that sits well in your pocket.

2013 has been a year of surprises and evolving technology in the sphere of education. The end of the year is nigh and these emerging trends in learning look like they have taken root in the creative imagination of students and teaching professionals alike. Hopefully, 2014 will bring us fruition of these trends and more.


Author Bio

Stephanie Colaco is a freelance writer, editor and former HR professional. An Honors college graduate, she spends her free time helping students/professionals achieve their academic goals by publishing articles and creating blog posts that answer their many questions on educational websites. Connect with her on Google+.