Top 5 Most Versatile College Degrees

While choosing a college degree it is important to pick one that interests you. Even though this is the truth, what is equally true is to know whether that degree will lead to greater employment opportunities. In order to get a job, you need a degree that offers the employers what they need. Not all jobs are created equal; some are more in demand than the others. So you need to see to it that the degree you choose can cater to the high demand jobs. Below are our top five versatile degrees:

1)      Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration – The diverse nature of the fundamental topics in this course like marketing, business law and ethics, and economics makes this a very versatile degree. It teaches you the workings of the business world and trains you in skills and imparts knowledge that the employers are interested in now. Making profit in today’s economy is a valuable technique to hold.

2)      Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Administration – Healthcare administration includes all aspects of managing health care facilities. Some of the subjects that are covered in this degree include healthcare law, accounting, epidemiology, human resources management and healthcare ethics. This degree builds up your leadership potential. Hospitals, nursing facilities, insurance companies, etc. are a few areas that hire individuals with this degree.

3)      Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting – This is one of the fields that has a very high demand. Every business, be it a small store or a major conglomerate, needs someone to handle the money. This degree teaches students to gather, record, analyse, interpret and communicate information about the financial performance and risks about the company and/or the individual. Insurance underwriting, personal financial advisors etc. are a few job titles that you could work as with this degree.

4)      Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science/Information Technology – Technology has become an indispensable asset in this day and age. It’s become essential in every walk of life. One of the very interesting things that they teach in this degree is to build programs that allow the communication between humans and computers. They also include artificial intelligence in their studies. Employment prospects include software developer, programmer, game developer etc. The possibilities of job titles are endless.

5)      Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology – Psychology is a very versatile subject. It can be applied to a variety of fields. Having a degree in this field may allow you to be hired in the fields of human resources, education, corrections and family services as psychology is a study of personalities, mental characteristics, social interactions that affect behaviour.

Pursuing a degree in a field that has high demand can give you a sense of security of getting a job after you graduate. Of course, it is much harder than it looks on paper; but seeking a degree in one of the fields that has a high demand gives you an advantage while trying to find a steady job.