If you like to work with numbers and have a strong aptitude for mathematics, you’re in luck; the fastest and most stable careers in the coming decade are those that require good math skills. In fact, the four careers that are projected to grow the fastest over the next decade are:

  • Mathematics and science teacher
  • Actuary
  • Statistician
  • Accountancy

Let’s take a look at these one at a time.

Aside from the fact that there is a strong “back-to-basics” movement in American education, the fact is that American school children are indeed falling behind their peers in the rest of the world when it comes to math and science – and legislatures from City Hall to the Halls of Congress have been waking up to this fact. Unfortunately for our schools (but most fortunate for you), there is a crying need for qualified math and science teachers – not to mention scientists and mathematicians in industry (most of whom we are importing from India and China). According to reports, U.S. schools will need at least 200,000 educators in math and science to meet projected needs – and again, this is just in the classroom!

Depending on the region of the county and the level of education, salaries for math and science teachers are as high as $80,000 with health benefits – and the level of job security is likely to be high.

If you know anything about the insurance industry, you know that it relies on actuarial tables. This is how insurance companies determine risk, which in turn determines premiums. Actuarial tables are prepared by actuaries, who use history and statistics in conjunction with mathematical formulas and calculations in order to determine the likelihood and possible severity of situations that will lead to claims and how much those claims are likely to be.

If there is anything certain about today’s world, it is uncertainty – which is something that insurers would like to minimize. If you are good at numbers, the insurance industry wants you. As an actuary starting out, you’ll be making around $50,000 a year, but with time and experience, you could easily be making ten times that amount before you’re through.

This is a profession that finds a place in virtually every area of society, but particularly government, insurance, science and above all, advertising. To the advertising industry, nothing is more important than demographics and identifying markets. Those who are skilled in the collection and analysis of data are likely to have a bright future with many opportunities at a salary range between $47,000 and $63,000 per year – with a lot of job security.

As it was in the 1920s (when the statement was first made in the newspapers), “the business of America is business.” Nothing is more important in America than business and commerce and money, and this means plenty of jobs for those who keep track of it all. Accountants and bookkeepers can earn top salaries and the field is quite diverse. Accountants are hired by virtually all large corporations and a fair number of small businesses. However, accountancy is a field that lends itself very well to those who prefer to be self-employed and enjoy the flexibility and control of having one’s own business.